As a Supplier, you can earn money in two ways; firstly by referring customers to the relevant product websites and if they buy, you earn a personal sales commission as long as you remain active and they continue paying as a customer. This could be for many years! That’s the power of earning passive or residual income whereby you sell once and make money month after month without any extra effort on your part! Smart. 

Secondly, you can recruit Suppliers into your team that are linked to you and earn you a commission each time they make a sale, so you earn a commission from each product sale made by any of your Suppliers that you have recruited. This is known as Team commission

As an independent Supplier, you can make money by referring potential customers that may be interested in either the international or local products. International products are sold worldwide, and local products are only sold within a specific country. The base currency for customer payments for both local and international products is US Dollars and for local products, you are charged the local currency equivalent by paying online with a debit or credit card. For international products, customers are charged the published US Dollar price.

​A full description of each product plus whether it is International or local can be found in the details for each product in the "Make Money" section of your App or on velocityopportunity.com under the Products section, https://velocityopportunity.com/products. As an independent Supplier, you can promote any of the products and you should see the website of each product for more details.
A customer or student for Pocket Classrooms can only access content via the Android App and not via a website. A customer of Happiness Guru can only access content via either the Android or iPhone Apps and not via a website. You can download the relevant App from the home page of www.velocityopportunity.com.

They pay online via credit or debit card. 

You need to be 18 years old. If you are younger, we suggest you ask one of your parents to register in their name on your behalf.

Yes. There is no waiting period and you can re-apply right away. However, all the customers and Suppliers linked to your previous account will not be re-linked to your new account and you will have to restart the sales and recruitment process from the beginning with none of those being linked to your account. 

It depends on where you are located. South African resident Suppliers are paid their sales commission in Rand into their local bank account. All other suppliers outside South Africa are paid their commission in Bitcoin to the Bitcoin address they provided, where they can transfer that Bitcoin amount to their local bank account via their own local crypto exchange. 

The banking details or Bitcoin address you need to provide can be entered or updated within the mobile App > My Profile > My Bank Details. Be sure to do this before your first commission payment otherwise we won't know where to pay your commission!


Yes. To remain active, you need to conclude US$99.00 in sales per 12 month period, assessed at the end of each 12 month period.

Every Supplier has an annual requirement to personally conclude US$ 99.00 in sales, otherwise, you are automatically made inactive and forfeit your status as a Supplier. In such an event, all your commissions and customers are forfeited to the company and or your immediate sponsor.

No, there are no signup fees, no monthly nor annual fees. 

No, signing up as a Supplier is free. 

You can monitor all your personal sales and those sales made by your team of Suppliers from within your account. You also receive a monthly commission statement that will show you a breakdown of what commission you have earned from which products and from which Suppliers in your team. 

No, you don’t get paid anything for simply signing up other Suppliers. Rather, you are paid 5% commission from the total product sales that they make.

​The personal sales commission percentage you earn for each product is 25% and is 5% for your team commission. The only exception is the Happiness Guru product which offers a 45% personal sales commission and 5% team commission. These percentages are based on the selling price. 

We run a commission report at the beginning of each month, for the previous month. At that point, you can access your commission report and your commission due will be transferred by the 7th of each month. 

You do not need a car, nor any signup or monthly fees. You do not need a laptop or a business suit. You do not need an office. All training is provided free of charge. You do not need lots of money. However, you do need to be hungry for success! You need the right attitude and need to want it! The only device you need is a smartphone. Can you start off without one, yes you can, but it will be very difficult, si it is highly recommended. 

​This opportunity can be managed via a pc or either our Android or iPhone mobile apps that you can download from the iPhone or Android App Store. Not all features are available in your website based account. The link to download the Apps is at the bottom of the home page, https://velocityopportunity.com


Yes, it is. You can recruit Suppliers internationally. Customers pay online via debit or credit card in US Dollars.

Suppliers that sell local products, for example in South Africa, are paid sales commissions into their local bank accounts. If buying a local product, they will pay the equivalent US Dollar price of their local currency. 

Suppliers in all other countries are paid their sales commission via the US Dollar equivalent in Bitcoin, which they can pay directly into their local bank account. For example, if you earn US$50 in sales commission, you are paid US$50 in Bitcoin to your nominated Bitcoin address which you set up at a local crypto exchange and from there you can then sell it for your local currency and transfer it to your bank account. This is quick and easy to setup. As an example of a crypto exchange that operates in more than 100 countries, see https://www.coinbase.com/places. Here you would open an account and link it to your local bank account. Any amount of Bitcoin that is paid to your crypto account can be transferred by you to your bank account and converted to cash. 

Download our Mobile App (via the app icon you use below) and manage your business via your cell phone, whether on the move or wherever you may be located!