You are paid your commission into a PayPal.com account. Simply sign up for a free Paypal account, link your bank account and withdraw your commissions.

They pay via credit or debit card or from their Paypal account online.

We run a commission report at the beginning of each month, for the previous month. At that point you can access your commission report and will be notified that your commission due has been transferred to your PayPal account.

You should verify the commission for each product by signing in to your account panel. Most products offer a 20% residual sales commission based on the selling price. (Residual means ongoing commission that is paid to you month after month, as long as the customer remains active, that you earn by making a sales once. I.e. sell once, earn commission many times!)

You don’t get paid anything for simply signing up other Referrers. Rather, you are paid 5% commission based on the total sales that they make.

You can monitor all your personal sales and those sales made by your team of Referrers from within your account panel.



Yes. To remain active, you need to conclude US$ 500 in sales per 12 month period, assessed at the end of each 12 month period.
You become inactive as a Referrer and all your commissions and customers are forfeited to the company.
Yes. There is no waiting period and you can re-apply right away. However, all the customers and Referrers linked to your previous account will not be re-linked to your new account and you will have to restart the sales and recruitment process from the beginning with none of these being linked to your account.
To have your own PayPal account, you need to be 18 years old. To become a Referrer, you also need to be 18 years old. If you are younger, we suggest you ask one of your parents to register on your behalf.

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